Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Featured Artist Tee for Teva Shoes

I am so very proud to present to you my first printed work and collaboration!!!!

A while back, I was approached my one of my peers to collaborate on a featured artist limited edition tee shirt for Teva Shoes. Teva has been around for as long as I can remember and they are based out of Deckers Outdoor Corporation in Goleta, Ca, where I presently work out of Skate One. Deckers distributes and overseas Ugg Australia, Simple Shoes, Teva, and a couple of other outdoor based shoe brands. Teva has recently been getting a facelift thanks to my buddies Erin and Darren, whose youthful creative energy is being plugged into their outdoor & water performance products. I am stoked to work with such a well established brand that is not based on fashion alone, but the outdoors and psychical performance... as these are the principles I tend to value the most as I myself am an active individual. I am extremely grateful to Erin and the Teva brand for giving me the chance to work with them as this was my first arstic assignment with clear direction and a product to show for my efforts. Again, a special thanks to Erin Tsukashima whom is the graphic artist and brains behind this collaboration, it was a pleasure taking creative direction from you! The above painting is the orginal piece that was used for the silk screen on my tee which is currently hanging up at Deckers. As the brand is based around water, well... you can see where I went from there. I have a box of the tees if you are interested in one... Please just email me a request. They are not for sale, as this item is a special promotion product for events and their team of athletes. Hit me up if you want one xoxo
Painting done with acrylic paint and sharpie


The A of DNA said...

Good Stuff Cat!

Andrew said...

Well done Cat!!!! Great desgin and love the white and especially the poppy blue color vnecks. Where can I gets me one for the wifey??? What shops in town carry it?

Andrew said...

Ha!!! Maybe if I would have read the caption first I could have answered my own question about where to get it. Reading...its fundamental!

Caterina said...

Andrew! :) It's exclusive promo for Teva but I can ask for more, I am all out (I have a big family ...lol) but once I get more I will def let u know! thanks for the support! posting my new Sylvia Ji/ Arbor bamboo shirt soon too!!! Thanks a bunch!