Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Solstice in SB

Summer Solstice in Santa Barbara is one of my favorite days all year and I always look forward to the solar festivities that circulate around my home town for the that one special day. Everyone is always in a good mood and the sun seems to never fail us, giving SB a warm glow all day. In the spirit of Summer Solstice, every year I am inspired to create one garment or accessory that serves to express creativity and Summer Love. Last year I made a shell top so I could swim with the mermaids, the year before I created a flower bra, and this year I created a crystal/bead/ chain headpiece that was inspired by Jasmine from Disney's Aladin. I wanted something inspired by the east, that was princess like, but had elements of festivities and celebration. I also added the swarovski crystal tear drop so it could catch the sun and glimmer rainbows across my face. I also really liked the head piece Suzi made because the stone had a raw earthy element to it that went well with her loose wire wrapping for the crown of the piece. The pink stone also looked amazing with her skin tone. Suzi is amazing with headpieces and I am sure we will have a crafting session soon. Please let me know if you want to join! Enjoy the pics xoxo
This photo is great in so many ways.

Summer Gypsies for Sun Solstice
Lil Alice
shacka sexyyyy Suzi
 Cruzing the park with the ladies
Kitty Cat
Check out Suzi and I's custom head jewelry  specifically made for celebrating Summer Solstice:)
Bo and Shay<3 rocking the Aloha and some Fiesta threads 
Love this picture!!!!!
La Virgen
Casey and I

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