Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rumi Neely's Machinery Dress by RVCA

Fashion Toast. If you don't know who Rumi Neely is, you probably should. Her fashion blog is number one when it comes to hits and followers. To tell you the truth, I didn't really think much of her when I first started reading Fashion  Toast. I am not sure why keep going because I'm not overly hyped on her style, but I do. Something about her has me coming back for more. One thing I can say about her style is that I love how she always rocks something short on the bottom, a long flowy top, and THE  SICKEST, chunkiest SHOES EVER.  It is chics like these that make me pissed I don't have more cash to spend on Jeffery Campbell. And... she loves high socks/ stockings/ tights= <3 Best part of Rumi- she is killing it. She truly has inspired me to blog and focus on personal style- and she has the coolest freaking gigs eveR. She has a billabord in Time Square, and even cooler (I think) is that she has her first pieces with RVCA. Not sure if you know me, but I die over RVCA. With the likes of Erin Wasson, and a mean pack of artists >> REVOK<< and athletes >>DANNY FULLER<<, Pat Tenore sure knows how to pick talent. I first became interested in the action sports industry when I saw a job posting on for a RVCA artist assistant position. I had just graduated from the U of A and was in one of those after college what do I do with my life funks- then RVCA sparked my interest. I sent a silly art inspired porfolio to PT and got totally denied- It was such a rookie movie. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to work for RVCA in some shape, way, or form and that this was the industry for me. Artists, atheletes, musical talent, and more. DA LIFE. Hopefully someday in the future, for now... I am just working towards it. Rumi's dress and colloboration with RVCA assures me that yet again- RVCA is is the shit. Thanks for all the inspiration. Check out Rumi's Machinery dress, inspired by Milla Jovovich's bandage gear in The Fifth Element. XOXOX

Photos from Fashion Toast


mixingmatch said...

your sketches are adorable!

And I like this dress too. I got a shirt by rvca by some strange chance long time ago without knowing anything about it.
Kinda funny )).

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?