Friday, June 25, 2010

Billabong ** Design for Humanity **

Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending my first ever Billabong Design for Humanity. The event was held at the New York city section of Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, Ca. They had two different stages, an art gallery, live art, tee-shirt screening workshop, bars, fashion show, live music, and a shit ton of cool people... Not to mention the proceeds benefit the Invsible Children of Africa. Good karma points that put everyone in a celebratory mood. I was thuroghly impresssed by the whole production and had a great time.
All over lace? Love it! I am still dying to get the American Apparel one piece...
Billabong Team Rider Bo Stanely and I on the red carpet
Pretty sweet surf photo gallery
The one and only... Bobby
 lead singer of Incubus... Bradon Boyd's art. I love it, but too bad it was a print. Wamp wamp.
Shepard Fairey.
I liked this painting a lot. The camel is super cute.
Pretty sure I have seen this painting somewhere... maybe Juxtapoz? Not sure but it is fun!
HOT models everywhere
I was really stoked to see some skateboarding photos up there... especially the one that landed on the cover of Concrete Wave mag of CB.
pretty sweet shirts the girls and I made.... wait.... one more tee for my dad brother mother and whole family! lolllllz to Bo. Very nice tee quality though... Thanks Billabong.
Hipsters everywhere!
One of my closest and most talented male friends.... The One and Only.... Adam Mars
A band that I was crazy about a couple of years ago and one that I am very fond of played. Fischerspooner had quite the show with dancers in drag and some sick electro beats.
The ladies of the evening
Yes! drunken fun!
 The man. Tom Curren, holding it down for SB at the event.

Here is a fun video of the fashion show
Photos via Surfing MagazineBillabong, myself (on my crappy disposeable), and Bo Stanley !

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love these pics! your blog is great, happy to find it. hope you stop by and say hello.