Monday, May 10, 2010

buy the ticket. take the ride.

I had an amazing weekend. Went to two art shows, a birthday party, a Montecito estate sale, and worked around the house. Enjoy the pictures! Estate Sale post later. And I missed Too $hort because he blew his whistle and went on early at Velvet Jones... and I paid in advance for my tix. Thanks.

Wyatt Perkins Art Show
SB Harbor.... and a lil sea creature

I really liked this abstract

Treasure Island 

Treasure Island
The Man of the Hour... Wyatt Perkins
Michelle and I
Huner S, Kilgar, Maxis
Shelly and I again.... :)

Young Folks Art Show

Kilian and Will Adler
Nole's Woodis
Eddie Luparello and Me
One of my favorites.... by Travers Adler
Trevor Gordon and Brandon Smith
Me in front of Eddie Luparello's painting
I loved this one!!!
Demi and Bo

Michelle Vaughn 21st Birthday!
Mich and her cuzzzz
Tits Casey and another cutie
Birthday Girl!!!

Kilian's style is just great. And I think we need to replace that Spitfire sticker Mich. :P
Heather and Luke

The best always come last baby babe

Thanks to my babe for such a fun weekend! xoxox

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