Monday, April 19, 2010


Coachella 2010…. I almost didn’t pull it off…. But I did, and I am glad I went because I will be back next year. My old roomie and sweetheart friend Ashley met up with me in LA and drove out Thursday night. We had the pleasure of staying with our friend Sean’s family in La Quinta… whose mother Linda is just absolutely amazing! She hosted 9 of us kids there all weekend and packed the fridge with goodies to eat! Anyways, I could write an essay but I will save you the reading… best shows that I saw were Jay-Z, not a huge fan, but a fan now for sure… he played every song I knew, including CAN I GET A…. seriously some dope shit. Then Beyonce came out for Forever Young. Coachella gets a slap on the hand for scheduling DeadMau5 at the same time though… who I ran over to see at the end of Jay –Z. His new mouse hat was lit up crazy! I loved La Roux!!!! Her voice is out of control. I thought her songs were going to be a bit more technoish but I would say they were more poppy. Which I loved BTW… South Africa’s Die Antwoord was the fuckin’ shit. They only played 4 songs, but after watching them perform; I knew they were on the fast track to stardom. BEAT BOY was dope, NIJA, and the girls voice is so high and freakishly amazing good it’s like nothing you have ever heard. She is hot by the way, even with a mullet. MUSE was a band I was not prepared drool over, but I totally did. I think it was top 2 performance really out of the whole weekend. We got to hang out with snowboarder Shaun White for the whole set which was rad! Wolfgang Gartner and Bassnectar were sooo sick. Bassnectar was blowing my mind.. Good ass techno!!! Passion Pit’s sound was way off, sucked for them, even though they are a great band. Tiesto was also pretty amazing. I had to leave before Gorlliaz because I had to get to work in the morning and leaving Coachella after the show takes at least 3 hours in buttfuck traffic so I was not down to drive at 4 AM back to SB. Which is another thing, I don’t think Coachella was prepared to handle all the people coming in and out… fix that next year. And there were way too many people that got sold phoney tickets on craigslist and other places… which totally sucked! So anyone who wants to go next year…. Only by them off the OFFICAL WEBSITE! Don’t do that to yourself!!!! I saw a bunch more bands but there are too many to go over… best thing is: I found out about a lot of NEW BANDS! That is the reason you should go if you have never been: get at the new music! H & M had a cool tent with AC, water, and a photo booth. Heineken was the official beer sponsor… yummmm!! 7 bucks for a beer though! And the Sahara tent was raging like usual. Loved it! Well that is enough. My photos can tell the rest of the story. These photos are only from my Canon Rebel that I brought with me one day…. The rest are going to be on facebook… And there are a lot more so look out!

Fashion Trends that I saw but didn’t really care to photograph were:
Feather headdresses
Gladiator sandals
Braided headbands
Baggy shirts and jean shorts
Flower headbands
Colored hair
High wasted shorts
Denim in general
Board shorts for dudes
Bathing suits
Floral print
Hair French braided on the side that makes it look like you shaved a little chunck out


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