Sunday, November 22, 2009


So, not sure if you have noticed, been taking a slightly different approach to my blog lately... getting a bit more fashion oriented. I hope to get a new camera soon so I can really share my encounters with you guys. After mulling over lots of different blogs, I started picking the things I liked about them most and applying them to MISCHIEF. Mostly just posting lots of images that have served as inspiration, so they too hopefully inspire you. That is really all this blog is intended to do, document my inspirations and inspire you... share cool shit my friends are doing, and blog about art/ fashion. And blog about Pin Ups and Muses. That is really my true interest, powerful hot woman who make the world turn and whom are creatures of fantasy. I also stopped sharing my art on facebook, and only share it here on MISCHIEF... so yeah that is it for today!

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