Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Baby Owl" Feather Clips

This week I went over to my friend Natasha's house. I always love going to her house because her family is European. Her father is from Iran and her mother is from England... so there is always a good mix of culture over there. Tosh and I are working on some crafts, she is working on a leather bracelet with turquoise and I made this feather clip. All I did was braid some pieces of leather, attach some feathers and a "roach" clip I bought from the craft store. I am calling them Baby Owl feather clips (NO they are not really baby owl feathers) because Tosh actually did have a baby owl feather and it was my inspiration for the night.

some random little trinkets I had in my bead box... so did Tosh, we made a little family

My hair clip

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