Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LOL Asher Roth Disses Fire Crotch at UCSB Extravaganza

I read this on Perez and had to share it with all you SB kids...

La Loca had heard that Asher was performing at UC Santa Barbara and like any devoted fan, she got her peeps in the car and drove three hours to see him. Only problem was that Roth wanted NOTHING to do with her.

A source from the event noticed Lindsay attempting to hang with the dude, and he was just not having it: "Lindsay was bugging both Asher and his management team to get onstage during She Don't Want a Man, but Asher was so annoyed by her requests that he actually skipped performing the single."

As any good celebrity would do, she released her frustration out on her Twitter: "Wow. Asher was cocky to all my friends and not that nice."

Get used to it, Lindsay. We can't think of too many people left in this town who would be "nice" to you.

You gotta earn that, bb!

Update: In an exclusive statement to, Asher Roth tells us, "Lindsay Lohan's not my scene."

Fuckin classic. Too bad I didn't see Fire Crotch or I would have told her to put on some damn panties!


The D of DNA said...

Funny, but true. Gotta watch those associations.

Anonymous said...

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