Friday, February 6, 2009

My boy Tysen from Tavik Clothing

While I was hanging out with Z MAN down in San Diego for ASR, I met his friend Tysen, who does a lot of graphic design work for various companies, including being one of the lead designers for Tavik Clothing. I don't know about this brand yet, from what I have heard, it's a bunch of rich kids spending their parents money, but who knows, I mean it is from Laguna Beach... which doesn't help my argument but, my friend does have some talent..regardless. AND oh oh, I forgot the best part of the story... so I was in SD and he was wearing the limited edition San Francisco REBEL 8 hat, and I was like damn that shit is fresh, and he knew I knew my art/ fashion because chics just don't know about REBEL 8, except for the cool ones :) so yeah, Tysen had an installation show with Mike Giant a while back...which means he is ligit, Mike G is like only my favorite artist (like OMG). Anywho, he invited me to do an art show! YES! Getting some art ready, not sure how long it will take me but I am hoping it will be done real soon.

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