Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Five Days Of Hate

Jake Phelps, the chief editor for Thrasher Magazine, is laying down "Five Days Of Hate" this week. Each day, Phelps will release a skater who is 86ed for life outta Thrasher Mag. Banned, no go, out, blasted, kooks.

So, yesterday was Frank Hirata, today is Benji Galloway... check the clips HERE. Funny ass shit.
1. Frank Hirata
2. Benji Galloway
3. Tony Farmer
4. Bill Pepper
5. Choppy Omega—for life

...."The dude sucks so fucking royal"..."I'm going to rip your fucking throat out little faggit, straight up cut for life"... WoAH Phelps is HILARIOUS!

"It seems nobody is really "banned" from the mag. I'm just sayin', if I ran a pizza shop, they wouldn't be my favorite customers. Just like you, some people goon it and that's it—they're cut. I don't care who you say you know. A kook is a kook, understand? Keep the comments coming. Love it, bitches. "

Skaters and the industry is just so funny. No one gives a fuck. That is why Thrasher is so popular. LOL.

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