Monday, January 26, 2009


Here is the first batch of photos from Rip The Ripper Art Show at this Spring 09 ASR.
Todd Bratrud- this piece is funny because it relates to this photo that was in Juxtapoz ages ago, of Todd puking blood, will post when I find it
Tanner Goldbeck
Steve Caballero
Steve Saiz

The one and only Shephard Ferry- price $4,000- a steal considering homeboy is just about to GO BIG (not like he hasn't but I'm talking Obama big :) )
Paul Imagine
Oliver Pecker
Michael Sieben
Mark Sellman
Michael Matheson
Lance Mountain
Kevin Ancell
J Strickland
JJ Rudisill
Jimbo Philips
Jeral Tidwell
Jason Redwood
James O Mahoney
Esao Andrews
Don Pendleton
Daniel Puleo

Andrew Pommier

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dirtycash said...

SICK..... lucky chick.... wish I could have seen these in person........