Monday, January 12, 2009

Mike Giant is SUCHA OG

Every time I read anything about Mike Giant, it confirms that he truly is an original gangster. He doesn't give a fuck about impressing people and doing what society tells him to, he does what ever he wants, he does it with style, and he knows exactly how to articulate himself with out sounding like an "artsy kook." He is honest, he is true, he is not a poser, and he is straight up. That is what I love about him.

This is my favorite quote/ response from his recent interview on because I too had this question- what is next after the hipster generation?

Q: Everybody knows hipsters, graffiti, track bikes, etc are dead and pretty much played out. Where do you see the next trend/counterculture scene headed.... -submitted by Kurt Dalen

MG: Gosh, that's harsh, Kurt. First of all, I'm a "grandpa hipster", and it suits me just fine. And after dedicating almost 20 years to writing graffiti, I hope it never dies. And as for track bikes, there have been hip, cocky young men and women riding them around the streets of San Francisco for over 100 years! Look it up. None of this stuff is played out, dead, or otherwise. It's ongoing. You'll see for yourself as you get older. The next thing will simply be a remix of shit from the past, because none of us are really all that imaginative anyway.

Good words of wisdom.

As for this "Muerte", well, can we say skeet skeet?

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