Monday, December 1, 2008


This weekend I saw the Vampire Flick Twlight.
Edward Cullen AKA Anthony Masen knocked the whole theatre's socks off. I find this whole vampire crazy amusing. I have always been a fan, since the first time I saw Interview With A Vampire, followed by The Lost Boys... Vampires seem to become popular every 10- 15 years, but who knows... that is a guessamate. They were big in the 80's, then Buffy came Twlight, True Blood, and some dumb ass reality shit I saw on MTV. Twlight was good, I was in a bad, sappy mood and it is a die hard cold blooded love story. Funny thing is, the story line is exactly the same as HBO's True Blood. It goes like this- A hot little virigin falls in love with a vampire. Her blood is so sweet that it drives all the vampires crazy because her scent lingers everywhere... so they all end up fighting over her. But her blood sucker boyfriend vampire is absolutely in love with her so he doesn't want to kill her, just a little drop o' blood here and there! So he spends his time protecting her and saving La Virgen from the slu of evil vampires. It's crazy. I think that is why we as humans are obsessed with this fictional (? questionable :) ) character. They are sexy, and they look like humans, case in point. Get some vampire action.

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